The Midwife and The Seamstress of Light

Posted on February 2, 2014

Received on December 7, 2012

The Hebrew letter Shin participates in creation. letter shinThe Shin, the first letter of Shema, is a sentient crown with antennae that receive the signals of new frequencies of light and transmit them down to the foundation.

Can you elucidate the process of creating light and its relationship to darkness?

Dark is inherent in light, always, but dark is as alive as light is; dark teems with infinite potential. What we call dark is not-yet-manifest light, that is, light at other frequencies, deeper in the holographic model — light that has not yet become explicit.  Darkness is potential light, masked light. New worlds are always born out of darkness.   Dark is light that has not surfaced, that has not been activated.

How will the coming era differ from this one?

Whereas in previous transformative times, the thrust of the creative force was combustion and separation, this time, we move toward wholeness.  A collection of evolved and detailed parts are coming together to unify in an infinite cross-vibrational whole.

What has been scattered will now be gathered.

Also, expect spirit to start to lead in a more obvious way.  For humans who flow with the natural currents of spirit, there will seem to be no change.  They will be surfing on light. But without these skills, the adjustment may be intense or even cataclysmic.

I hear the name Yechezkel.  What did he accomplish?

Ezekiel carried a large piece of the collective subconscious.  He was also able to access it.  With ease, he slipped into trance-like soul-states, and he remembered what he experienced. Ezekiel was active in his visions, in the sense that he made choices as a co-creating human, while in the trance state. These choices were real and affecting.  Some of the images he brought down remain in the collective subconscious.  The difference in our time is that instead of rising up into these other worlds, the intention is to bring the other worlds down into humans.

What is the role of angels in human life now?  

The physical world is in danger. shattered_glassFragments attenuated and nearly separated from source are unstable and can destroy each other.  Angels must intercede and introduce underlying wholeness to balance the system.  It was always anticipated this time would come, that this intervention would be necessary. The glory of light, or the chariot, as Ezekiel described it, is landing.

This channeling is part of that process of the living soul’s reintegration with larger light systems beyond it.

The light Ezekiel explored by ascending you will now work with, as its midwife.  You will birth it into appropriate vessels as it descends.

What is god and has god evolved?

God is a term for the underlying, common, unified core of all that is.

When we say there are no outside forces, what we mean is that the higher dimension of your own spiritual core is god, and that higher essence drives the process and sets intentions.  There are dimensions of every human that exist in undiffrerentiated wholeness far beyond space and time.  And those inner, inner, inner dimensions that feel like they are above you, are acting according to their essence, within a program of evolution, at the deepest levels.

Instead of praying by imploring a force greater than you to help, “pray” by actively bringing more of your own light into your body. Be your own letter Shin and co-create your expanding, evolving self. Bring forth light from your own darkness.

Our lives are partnerships. The cultural rebellion in the 1960’s helped people see through authority, see through parents as authorities, and see through the god-as-outside-force concept. The model of god as a father was shattered; it had completed its usefulness.

Believing in external power sources is one of the last gasps of idol worship.

There will be no person, no leader to emerge who is all powerful and will take us all forward.  You yourself will be your own messiah.  Veils have been removed, and the messianic energy has started to glow and emanate.

light in vessel

Humans who are open are already channeling and building new vessels while awake and asleep, by day and by night. As the spirit channels grow wider and wider, taking care of the body is important, to stabilize it.  This is the fountain of youth.  If you can respect your body as a channel, and take care of it, the information and light passing through it will begin to make you younger, cell by cell.

Your eyes can see through time. Establish commitment in your feet.

Received December 13, 2012

Tiny doors in human faces are opening.  This is the edge of time. Tune to the most esoteric layers and frequencies, and see speaking and hear the beauty of sight.  The senses are scrambled.  When the entire higher self is here, down to the toes, the present remains alive with each cell of possibility, spinning, physically spinning, until you spin so fast that the physical melts away, while also still being here.

I just heard “bring down wheels of light.”  What does that mean?

Wheels with interconnected spokes are spinning on their own axes and lowering from other worlds; these wheels are made of life molecules on fire. Intelligent emotion from the highest levels spreads a grid of molecular rain over the fire, adds wisdom to the chaos of the fire, and shapes it. The rain adds balance and is a frame or screen through which to perceive both forces.

Sometimes it is better to see energy through the structure of another system, so as to understand its focal energy.  Translated into everyday terms, there are universal rules and limits for each creation. For example, a relationship between dark and light or fire and water is set, and this determines how everything in a creation functions.

On Chanukah there is a window through which light connects horizontally forward through time and space.  The candles of Chanukah open that window.  The need to open the window came before the events unfolded which created Chanukah on the temporal plane.  Purim is an opposite of Chanukah–it sends energy and accomplishments in light back through a window toward the source, towards its core origin.  In other words, one is the inverse of the other.  Threading energy back and forth, sewing time into infinity, the holidays are like the needle and thread, connecting source energy to the present and the present to its original sources in infinity.

One way to see the project of living is to engage in this sewing.

Letter Shin Creative Commons
Shattered Glass Creative Commons
Light In Vessel Creative Commons

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