Becoming, As You Learn To Become

Posted on October 5, 2013

Received on March 22, 2012

The new vectors introduce new worlds to explore.  Those who are using these new angles–the new bandwidth–have already departed.  It may seem like all humans are engaged in the same core endeavor with the same maps and coordinates, but in fact, for some, a leave-taking process has begun.

Can you describe how humans will experience the new worlds?

In more concrete terms, you are looking forward into infinity rather than back into limitations and old patterns. The old patterns have been resolved to satisfaction.

Moods and rhythms will be increasingly different, as a new range of experience opens and becomes available.

You do not realize the extent to which typical modern lives are a narrowing, an Egypt, a slavery.  This is an intellectual slavery.  You have been serving false, hollow sources of power, like ideas and constructs of mind disconnected from spirit sources.  This inquiry served its purpose and was an iterative step to the new spirit world, but the myths are now shattering.

It is becoming easier to see spirit.

You will see modern ideas reach their logical end.  They circle back into themselves, and devour themselves.  Spirit never does that–it is metaphysically impossible.

We open the metaphorical gates and say “welcome”.

It will take a long time for all to follow.

Received March 25, 2012

What is Choice?

The “tree of life” is a choosing tree.  It is a model of being which allows for infinite choices, one after the next, with each set of choices branching from the prior one.


The “tree of knowledge” also involves choice, but the choices are not in an infinite stream.  Within the tree of knowledge system, the limits are determined by the range of the human mind, not the spirit.

The “tree of knowledge” was a  detour.  You humans are ending up where you started, with an opportunity to choose the tree of life, a system that grows with you, and can do so forever.

The “tree of knowledge” system is finite but the “tree of life” is infinite.

Received March 26, 2012

What you will see now is “destruction” and you have been hesitating.  But new life must crack through the shells, much as a newborn chicken cracks its eggshell.  The shells are not just obsolete.  They must be removed to make room for new growth.

The dream tonight about a tsunami in New York is a foreshadowing.  You have had that dream for years.

At the Passover Seder…explain that just like in Egypt, when the Jews had to leave to save themselves, it is now again time to leave.  But this leaving is internal.  It is time to leave one model of being for another that has yet to be fully revealed.

In a sense we are always leaving one mode for another, that is what applied spirit learning is.

We become what we learn.

There are certain physical places you can stand to see around the entire world.  This cannot be done from everywhere.  The new angles in the eyes enable seeing over great distance, by scanning for a spiritual heartbeat and reading it.

All the voices throughout history are talking, describing what they learned in their lifetimes, and it is not what you would think or what it appeared to be.  A military leader may have lived his whole life with brutality to build up to making a simple choice when confronted with a baby bird in a nest.  Did he choose to protect or destroy it the bird?

Earned consciousness has been building, one small part of a Hebrew letter at a time.

The Hebrew alphabet is sustained through actions or intentions which reify it and give it continued life.  The energy of the letters receives constant and sustaining booster shots from human choices.

It is better to not believe in anything than to believe in a false construct of god.  Less unbuilding will be required.

Colors are closest to the concept of what physicality will eventually become,  just colors.  Yes, this is entirely abstract.  To be clear — we do not refer to objects with colors, but colors, a myriad of colors without shape or physical beginning or ending.


On Establishing Wholeness Through Reincarnation:

Reincarnation was designed so that soul cells could grow stronger over time and build on their prior acquired strength.  Each complete soul is a project.  Sometimes a separated fragment becomes downgraded to such an extent — from being part of a series of lives poorly led — that it can barely reintegrate back into the main soul it came from.

This causes enormous pain for the soul as a whole.  You experience agony in resuscitating your own fallen spark.  “When bad things happen to good people” is a very limited construct, but this proces of resuscitating a hopelessly broken soul fragment is something like that.

On Eyes:

The letter ayin is an access panel to hidden worlds which will be soon accessible.  You need to build eyes in your stomach, in your digestive system, and you cannot accomplish that if you eat dairy.   You will need eyes everywhere, the entire system must be upgraded to the level of eyes, eyes that reflect the light of the soul, that change as the soul’s light changes.  The entire system will be see-through.  Colors will be the new shells.  Ayin Yud Nun.  Eye.  Ayin and Nun are closed–they are difficult letters to vibrate.   The adjacency of the yud which carries life through time,  gives the nun in this word the promise of opening at some point in the future.

The eyes have never  been multi-dimensionally open or able to process all that is available for them to discern.  Eyes can see through time, for example, back and forward.  In spirit life, there is no future or past, there is an ongoing status of being.  To see through the world, you see through time.  Remember humans have the potential for eyes everywhere–the power to see exists in every cell of your body.   New light is passing through every cell, giving it this choice to see.  Choose the light.

Diet is part of choosing the light, since light cannot pass through clogged cells.

Received March 26, 2012 (16 hours later)

Does the matza or the Passover story connect to the first bible story of eating from the tree of the knowledge?

The matza represents the essence of the partnership between man and god in this world, through three ingredients:  water (metaphor for life, spirit, abundance, cannot be manufactured), fire (creative force, natural or man made, not to be used on the Sabbath), and flour (a partnership of human labor and natural growth).

Joseph’s brothers went down to Egypt because there was a famine in their land. Joseph dreamed about sheaves of wheat bowing down to him. This vision, through wheat, is embedded in the observance of eating unleavened bread.

Olive Tree Branches Creative Commons
Colors Creative Commons

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