A New Bandwidth

Posted on September 29, 2013

Received on March 18, 2012

“New” knowledge is being revealed.

To clarify, what seems “new” is  old centers of knowledge, revealed at new frequencies or angles.  The relationship between humans and the universe has rotated slightly–imagine that a dial turned; humans are able to perceive  universal spiritual knowledge from a different perspective.

The core structure of existence has not changed. But for humans — because their foundation rotated slightly and knowledge appears remodulated — they see “what is” differently.  Here is an analogy: until now humans have been able to perceive at full stops, now they perceive one degree from the full stop as well.  This change is similar to discovering a new bandwidth.  There is more space.


Human relationships in the new world will be primarily spiritual.  The new vectors are not meant to pass through material in the same way they do in the current system–rather, they will pass between material.  But this new bandwidth does not support all kinds of communication and interaction–only that which has spirit at its core.

Prophecy will be communicated by sounding one very exact arcane perfect new angled note–and those who can hear it will respond.  Prophecy is like a shofar blast at a frequency people have been deaf to, until now. Long oration is not necessary and will not work. Leaders will simply emit the new frequencies.

You who understand these words now have intelligence that cannot yet be seen.  When finally your own wisdom is revealed to you, you will find your core intelligence.  This wisdom we refer to is vast and perfect and beautiful.  You will share that wisdom with a world that is ready to receive it.

Judaism is a miraculous vehicle.  The natural Judaism of the soul touches infinity.  It leaps through light years.

Sound Wave Creative Commons

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