Two Hearts: The Left and The Right

Posted on October 5, 2013

Received on March 28, 2012

Today is a day for the heart.

Here is an explanation of the primary role of the heart as it connects to spirit:

The heart is the first organ in the communication line emanating from the spirit core.  After the core itself has received new codes,  it passes them on to the heart, to its pumping and distribution system.  Information travels back and forth, between core and heart, in an endless loop.   The core and heart are connected by spirit sinews.

The heart is the portal between the infinite and the finite, between spirit and human, and it is where choice originates.

The heart is folded and folded, and within those folds are the ability to take this world forward and teach you to be who you are.  When you say Adonai and agree to the new angles in the heart you send a signal to the source of creation that you are ready for the next level of knowledge to unfold within you.

In energy, there is a left heart and a right heart.  two_heartsThe left is the heart you are accustomed to, and the right, which is recessive in this creation, is an area filled with longing, since it is missing.  In spirit, humans have two hearts just like they have two hands.

Imagine living with two heart centers.

Is the nature of government important to the life of a spirit?

The best form of human government is one in which people do not identify with a culture, a country, a particular land mass, or region, but rather, with a set of general spiritual goals that resonate.  In this political configuration, elections are necessary and important,  since people are always changing and leaders then have to change too.

Why does money exist, on a spirit level?

Money is the best way to interact with strangers and to exchange energy with them.  The more you earn and spend, the more sophisticated and efficient this energy exchange machine  becomes.  Saving money does not make sense in this context. While we understand the need for a sense of security, the idea that money provides this security is a myth.  When you earn money, it is a symbol of a successful interaction with the world, like rubbing a flint on a rock to create fire.  Money is  an abstract representation of the transaction which occurred.

Received April 1, 2012

How does what we eat affect our spirit?

Cell replacement or regeneration occurs gradually. From our perspective, there is one holographic structural system.  As individual cells are to your core, so a human is a cell in God’s being.  Everything is a whole in itself and a also part of a larger whole.

The less animal product you have eaten, at the cellular level, the more cells will regenerate.  When you eat meat, it can take years for the effect of the meat to leave your system.  It is not just a question of the digestive process.  Your blood and other cells  are made from the ingestion of meat.  Many generations of cells have to pass for the traces to be erased.

Are prayer and ritual one-way communication?

Havdallah at the end of the Sabbath is the weekly, final step of a repetitive feedback loop, wherein what we send outward is processed and returned to us for more processing, and so on.

The purpose of real prayer or purposeful meditation is to reach into and direct your inner self.  to shape it, not to be passive in relation to it.

Received April 6, 2012

Passover starts tonight.

What will the New Passover be like?

We will change from mind-beings to spirit-beings.

Inside us, spiritual light is beginning to touch places it has never been.  It reaches us at new bandwidths, new frequencies.  During the last months of deep interior work, many of the organs and structures inside of you have been rebuilt and old habits have been cleared away to make room for the new.   You can now broadcast the new.

When  light is refracted  inside of you and reflects out at new angles, that reflecting out light creates and transforms reality — from slavery to self expression. from dependence to individuation, to the ability to make significant independent choices.

In Egypt the spiritual and physical states matched and mirrored each other. Both were broken. When the Jews left Egypt, all inner human cells were at about the lowest level possible while still being human and potentially Jewish.

Moses was not born into slavery.  A leader had to emerge from outside the system.  It would have been impossible for Moses to become who he was if he had grown up as a slave.

The revelation at Mount Sinai delivered an immediate spiritual upgrade to all present.  New tools and new, new space for growth were revealed.

You are at such a juncture now.

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