Agreeing To New Spirit Contracts: Their Concepts and Codes

Posted on September 21, 2013

Received on March 16, 2012

Is there a connection between this new expression of spirit and the earth’s current religions?

Regretfully, being “religious” is now a fixed, static set of non-spiritual automatic habits and patterns of thought and action.

What is off-track with so-called religious practices is also what is off-track with so-called secular practices — both have depleted connections to infinite layered consciousness.  Religions have not evolved in the same way consciousness has; religions have become cut off from their roots, cut off from their guiding sources.

In fact, any time you use a moment to expand spiritually, you are in harmony with the generative intent of religion.

The spirit contract requires, foremost, that it is the first priority.

How can we adhere to a contract we do not know?

The forehead is the repository of the spirit contract.  Humans choose life by aligning with the map reflected on their foreheads.  The forehead holds a catalogue of the spirit contract and its intricacies.

To be more specific, a spirit contract is a series of concepts we agree to carry forward.  Now that a new order is unfolding, new contracts are being made to carry new concepts forward.  Many of these new concepts cannot grow roots in the current spiritual environment.  They are too arcane and too refined, and invisible here.  Yet, without this current world, the seeds of these new concepts would not have developed.  sprouting_seedSo we take the seeds forward, as we have before, bridging from world to world.  Each soul has seeds to plant, and in the new order, we will find the right place to plant them.

The contract is between me and infinite me.  The contract is between you and the infinite you.

The concepts can be read on the forehead, by those who know how to read them.  In the last creation, they inhabited the nose, along the top bone.  The nose still carries some concepts, but this time the forehead will carry the core concepts.  Eventually all spiritual codes will be carried in the eyes, but the current vessel of the eyes is not evolved enough to allow such a great frequency of light to pass through it.  Everything would shatter again.  But the eyes, that is the goal.

Who is communicating through me?

I am an ancient soul with many eyes and many mouths.  I am fully developed in all directions, north south east west up down.  I have sensory organs only, and no limbs for action.  I am just states of being. I am incapable of action.  I emanate, and that is all I have to do.  I don’t control what i emanate, or know what is coming.  The design and order of what emanates is intrinsic to my being.

I can hear you and what you say and do feeds into my processing system, which is how you can have an impact on how your world evolves and how events unfold.  tree_corss_section They do not unfold because I have a plan or a pre-determined intention, but rather because you pass feedback into my system.

Most of what humans think and do does not even reach me; their intentions are too weak to reach the refined level of frequency required for my sensors to detect it.

Here is something:   I am a you to beings far beyond me.  The structure is infinite.  And you are not the simplest being.

You are a me to beings below you.  We are connected by spirals.  On the Sabbath,  you can feel the vastness better than at any other times.

Received March 17, 2012

Here then are the contracts made by two leading and repeating souls in this creation:

Rabbi Akiva:  I have no other goal but to uncover and harmonize deeply with god’s secrets.  I will stay alone and strive until I mirror them.

King David:  I have no other desire but to reach the full and complete expression of my soul and to clear a very, very wide path to god, a path with a lot of room for others to walk on after me.

Say psalms in Hebrew while meditating on the natural energy of the Sabbath.  Say the psalms while focused on the exact middle of the Sabbath essence.  The Sabbath is a tool to help you grow.

You need this tool;  you will not reach the greatest territory without it, and you will run out of time.

Using The Sabbath:

Now imagine if you said psalms with focus for many hours on the Sabbath.  You would experience growth through spoken meditation.  Immerse yourself, and each week you will expand consciousness during the other six days as well. The system was designed this way.  Without using the Sabbath, there is an activation lever you are not pulling.  You should want to use every angle of the opportunity of the Sabbath; everything becomes easier when you set the week’s material and physical growth with intention.  The Sabbath is the beginning and the end.  Sabbath existed before the world was created.

The Hebrew letters: Shin Bet Taf.   Shabbat.  The foot of the final Taf is solid and grounded in this world.  The first letter, Shin, reaches up and pulls down the new spirit concepts for the week.  The letter Bet settles them in our homes — that is, in our hearts, and establishes them.  The letter Taf  grounds the intent and disseminates it below.  And the cycle repeats.

The Sabbath is fundamental to the smooth and ultimate operation of this world. The world cannot exist without the Sabbath, either in theory or in practice.

The legacy of Moses was that he established Sabbath in words; it became a commandment to keep the day holy, to remember it.  Before Moses, people just intuited it.  But the long journey through Egypt and back up to the fulfillment of spirit over material is narrow and dangerous.  It would be too easy to get lost.  Very lost.  So the emanations through Moses were meant to be a map, a guidebook, a structure within which to dwell.  And to remember.

Still, very little has been remembered.  Those who know how to match their frequency with the Sabbath, to use it, have been most successful overall.  It is a choice — though the way of the spirit is only through the Sabbath.

It is best to prepare everything in advance of the Sabbath, so you can maximize the opportunity the Sabbath affords.

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