Questions on Marriage and Conception

Posted on August 26, 2013

Received on February 25, 2012

What is the purpose of marriage?

From the perspective of the spirit, the potential of marriage has become downgraded from its initial purpose. The spiritual purpose of the original Jewish marriage ceremony was to  literally build– using the spiritual components of Hebrew letters and words — the channels across which spiritual communication could travel efficiently and freely, without friction or interference.

The goal of marriage is to enhance spiritual information as it flows back and forth.  Physical intercourse is the most powerful and unique way to communicate within that channel.

When does human life begin?

Human life begins when a soul chooses to join with a developing body.  When this occurs is always different and never automatic.  The soul’s entry moment depends on what it needs, experientially, to expand and to become more whole.  conceptionIt should be known that the presence  of a soul is not necessary for conception to occur — conception can be a purely biological phenomenon.  This is sometimes, but not always so.  The cells can join and then multiply through division many times without a unique soul assigning itself to that cellular grouping.  The grouping is part of the vessel associated with the soul of the mother, in that case.

It is impossible to understand reality, with wisdom, if you are looking for explanations which are always true in all circumstances.

Change and evolution is the nature of this human effort, and trying to achieve consistency through time is therefore an inaccurate model of the progression.

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