Upgrading the Primordial Shards

Posted on August 27, 2013

Received on February 26, 2012

Can you describe the process of creation, from abstract to material?

A stable transition sequence from emanation to manifestation is our greatest accomplishment in your world. This miracle first occurred  when establishing the primordial Hebrew alphabet’s Hey and then Vav. Structurally, each letter is enclothed in the one that comes before yet also establishes its own realm and sets the framework for the next one. We struggled to create a reality that simultaneously mirrors the ethereal model of the Hey and connects up and down through different states of reality like the more stable  Vav. Our models shattered repeatedly; we accomplished an enduring step down transition sequence through trial and error.

broken_glassEventually, we realized we could use some of the fragments from models that had shattered to create the link between emanation and manifestation.  Why? Because the scraps or fragments that survived had already been vulcanized, strengthened by the transformation enough to continue on. They were shards and they were not beautiful, but they were viable.  They could exist physically and were anatomically correct, from a spiritual perspective.  This world you see here and the beings in it were reproduced from these sturdy, alchemically successful shards.

What is the point of this effort?

The effort on earth is to evolve toward wholeness.  The human role is to stabilize the part of creation which is physical-spiritual, not spiritual-physical.

We are all working on the same basic strands of reality, but from different angles depending on our proclivities. Every time an original shard becomes fully upgraded and integrated into the wholeness of creation, there is great celebration.  This is healing.  The broken pieces are everywhere, but the most complex ones are the responsibility and challenge of humans.

Human beings and this earthly world were created in the precise way they were in order to heal and integrate these various kinds of shards.  Your world is the antidote to the shards.  Yes, the needs of the shards determined the nature of the world.

Within that model, where does “god” come in?

God is all of us whose voices you hear.  What you refer to as the Ten Commandments was our gift to humans.  These directives are a sturdy framework to support your endeavors and keep them in harmony with the purpose of life on earth. The Ten Commandments are a multi-dimensional transparent structural cube.

What you call god is the collective stepped up level of you that has an interest in this creation.  And there are stepped up levels beyond that, extending to infinity.  Michael the Angel is in you, amongst others, and happy to be here now.  glass_cubesStop thinking what you cannot do, or what will not work.  While it is true that not everything you have tried works, there is great knowledge available to you in how to be successful.  Try healing with numbers and Hebrew letters, and use colored light.

You are healing the shards mentioned earlier, the ones that have not been upgraded.  Those people who cannot bring healing to the shards they carry will pass their shards on to someone who can.  Some people will succeed and many will probably fail.

From amongst the Jews have come humans most successful at upgrading the shards and bringing them into wholeness.

Broken Glass Creative Commons
Glass Cubes Creative Commons

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