Earning Evolution

Posted on August 24, 2013

Received on February 22, 2012

The Mechanical System Called God:

The mechanics of god are as follows:  your choices push invisible levers, levers that activate the spiritual system and set it in motion, which activates another iterative overlapping system, and other levers, and so on–all influencing the invisible infinite world, which humans call god.


God simply means stepping into light, into life.   In theory, god does not imply religious observance or following rules, but at certain points rules did become necessary to guide the journey and to incubate the mind-spirit partnership.

Received February 23, 2012

We are made, in spiritual form, of Hebrew letters arranged in spirals.  Letters arranged in spirals generate the power to manifest human life.

Why not create humans so they can see more?  Why is everything most spiritually meaningful physically invisible?

Every iteration of beings sees more than the one that came before.  It is a question of earned evolution.  Evolution is not immutable or unstoppable.  It can get stalled for generations.  The mind-spirit progresses depending on choices made, one then the next.  This writing influences evolution.

It does not seem like it, but the moon is more powerful than the sun, spiritually.  Much has been written about the relationship between the moon and the sun in Jewish texts, and they have nearly the right idea. Here it is: the moon holds its power in secret–this is related to the dynamic between what is visible and invisible and the importance of choice in spiritual evolution.  The sun represents the constant presence of the physical.  But the moon is actually communicating how to adjust the balance between physical and spiritual and how to reach for what we cannot see.  It puts the entire notion of mystery into this world, and maintains it.

Do planets actually influence the unfolding of reality?

Reading the planets is connected to prophecy. If you listen carefully, the planets communicate the flavor and character of the influences they exert on this world.   The planets are always in motion and adjust the dials on what is possible — depending on their vectored relationships and modified cross-forces.

There are many voices and many lives of wisdom here, babbling in your background subconscious.  This is not just the effort of a one.  An entire group or academy is using your soul, amongst others, as its emissary.  Long ago, you said you’d carry the knowledge through a dangerous time and deliver it and speak for it with courage.

What are some examples of the effects of new frequencies?

The new currency will not be gold or diamonds or oil.  It will be the power of the soul, since its frequency will better resonate with this creation.

A plant based diet is more than important.  It is the way to be in harmony with the universe, to match its frequency.

There is a sound-frequency which, when activated, can dissolve a collection of physical matter–it breaks the bonds between the molecules.   The sound-frequency is connected to the shofar.

Levers Creative Commons

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