Core Confidence and The Higher Purpose of Choice

Posted on August 17, 2013

Received on February 18, 2012


Confidence is fundamental to fulfilling your purpose.

How to develop this confidence?

Clear away old stories and myths that inaccurately layer the past onto the current of the present and distort it.  It is natural to be confident if you see all there is, in the present.


Choices are more narrow than you think.

Freedom of choice is a common concept, choicebut there is actually no such thing as being able to choose amongst all or even a majority of options available in the world.

The choices you perceive are designed around your purpose, and offer action that could bring you closer to your inner core, if you choose.  Your higher self selects amongst a range of trajectories.  It curates the options.

The mind chooses from amongst them.  Most minds are unaware of this behind the scenes curation.

It should bolster faith and confidence that the spirit always offers a way home. Use confidence when making choices.


Received February 19. 2012

Where does choice exist?

Choice stands at the junction between intellect and spirit – in the zone where the mind’s capacity dissipates and the spirit’s begins.  Human intellect in finite, by design.  With intention,  choose to inhabit-explore-be part of- the area of intellect/spirit overlap.

During meditation you perceive a vastness, and it is pleasant to sense it.  Seemingly infinite, that area you are perceiving, because you have a human mind, is actually a tiny part of all that is.  Because the tiny area is also interconnected to every other part of the system, one senses wholeness and vastness, even though the direct area of exploration is very small.

In general terms, the fractal models infinity.


How can we connect to and work with spirit in a productive way?

Connect to spirit as follows:

Sit.  Do not lie down. And breathe.

Allow a Hebrew letter to come to the forefront of your consciousness.  The first letter that comes to mind but not from your mind is the one your system wants to use to guide work in the mind-spirit overlap today.

Focus on the letter, and allow it to move up and down your spiritual core and through your system. Words are not relevant now, just follow the impulses of the letter.   The letter knows where to pause, how to orient itself at each junction, where it is needed.  Let your consciousness follow it–the letter knows where to go.

You should also know that each Hebrew letter has within it the DNA to heal certain human patterns–the letters are tools that humans do not know how to use.  An excessive focus on reading and understanding led you to this point where the letters are not individual power centers each in themselves.  In reality, each letter is a multi-dimensional generator,  given to you to use to recreate the world when you need to–to begin again.

The letters were already used to create the earth as you know it, and they will be used again  for the next iteration.  From those letters, an entire world can be created, evolve, become inhabited, etc.

I can tell you how that actually works, about the strings of creative energy embedded in each letter.  But what is important here is to learn to use the letters to heal yourselves, because healing yourselves also heals the world and thus re-creates it. 

Choice Creative Commons
Fractal Broccoli Creative Commons

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