Food Amplifies The Body-Spirit Balance

Posted on August 27, 2013

Received on February 17, 2012

How would we approach food in a new way?

At this point in human development, if you are an attuned body-spirit entity, your specific nutritional needs can change daily. Food and vitamin supplements have varying densities.  By feeding the body quite specific food that matches its density, the spirit-body relationship becomes more balanced.  The soul is hungry — hungry for the body to resonate with it more fully.  Accurate food choices enhance this resonance.


It is best to check the energy of a vitamin supplement regularly, to make sure it will support your purpose. Some supplements will help long term, and they should be taken long term–despite the vicissitudes of everyday growth and the pull toward progressive youth.

Expressing Gratitude for Food:

The density in food is upgraded if you appreciate it, with your spirit, before you eat it.   Be grateful you can use food to live towards your purpose.

A thankful intention is not a rote religious blessing.  It is a full expression of gratitude and an understanding of the cycle of life and seasons.  It is gratitude for the way metabolism works as it changes material to spirit and spiritual intentions to action–as discussed regarding the Sabbath.

Separating From Familiar Food:

You have grown accustomed to certain textures and tastes, and you associate those with nourishment or warmth or security.  You seek and enjoy food  that is not ideal for a human system in the midst of phenomenal transformation.  This is a difficult subject and there is a great deal of resistance.  But to go forward you must leave the past behind.  In this case, the past is an emotional and psychological attachment to food.

A Commitment To Exercise:

Exercise shows the body you are committed to taking care of it.  Remember, the body you have now is a vessel ultimately designed to process light.  Cell by Cell.

Food and Holiness:

The concept of holy and unholy food, permitted and not permitted, was introduced to teach people to consciously make choices about food. We want you to know the great potential for food–how it can either enhance or attenuate the soul-body relationship.

Choose food based on its capacity to amplify your commitment to the balance between material and spirit.

Vegetables Creative Commons

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