Carrying the Yud Forward Into Time

Posted on July 17, 2013

Received on February 10, 2012

Each year when the Ten Commandments are read, another  layer of opacity is either peeled away or added, depending on the position and faith of the listener.   The enclothings or layers between material and spirit are becoming thinner or thicker, depending on the spirit and on choice.  Evolution is occurring in two directions simultaneously now.

The Hebrew letter: Yud


The upper tip of the yud:  ongoing, never ending, first inclination, first intention, first tip of the first seed, but the firstness is always and forever a firstness–there is no afterwards–no sense of time, the first gesture is still gesturing in its firstness.

The rest of the yud is different from the tip.

The rest of the yud already embodies love;  multi-directional, multi-frequentric, multi-dimensional love.

It is not love as humans experience it.

Love is a state of being with no boundaries, one that it is impossible to fully know if there are any physical components involved. But it is the flow of love from the firstness of the yud  that will continually re-create this world, until we have learned what we can from it.

In past lives, you had the same job and purpose you do now, enlightening other spirits with your knowledge.  You did not learn what you know here.  You learned it far away, and you have carried it here, for now, for this time. One cannot learn it here, because here does not yet have vessels to contain the knowledge you carry.  We’ll make the vessels.

Your intelligence is not in any subject taught in a school.

What is the concept of Messiah?

Messiah is a word for a time when spirit will be more powerful than material, when the balance will have shifted.  There is no person, no man,  no savior.  But the image is one the Jews needed to maintain hope in dark times.  There are some people who will teach together, and you are one of them.


The Jews are a heroic people, because they carried the seeds of the highest knowledge from past to future and did not forget.  They carried the package safely.  The knowledge is embedded in the Torah, hidden, encoded.  No-one has figured out the code, because it is not yet the right time.

When it is revealed, it will seem as if it was hiding in plain sight.  And this is only one door that will open and re-cast the Torah as an entirely different document.  The Torah is infinite, and can unfold new truths an infinite number of times.  It will spiral on forever–it is a filagree of light.

Faith.  Just have faith.

Letter Yud
Solar Eclipse Creative Commons

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