Currents That Shape The Quotidian, and The Holy

Posted on July 6, 2013

Received on February 4, 2012

Why do we count days in groups of seven?

The relationship  between the soul inside you and its infinite spiritual reservoir outside changes on the Sabbath. During the week, involvement in the material world is the lever that activates the soul system.

On the Sabbath, the soul cannot be accessed through human involvement in work.  That lever is deactivated on the seventh day.

Also, on the Sabbath, there is an altered balance of spiritual accessibility,  so that you can more easily access your soul.  The spiritual in-flow is double what it is on other days.  That is why double manna was provided in the desert.  It would be impossible on the Sabbath to activate the soul system by working in any way, so the need to collect food was removed.

Love the opportunities you create.

Received February 7, 2012

How do cells work, in the spirit realm?

Information, in the form of light, permeates each cell.


All cells use the information to transform, to change, to become tuned to the frequency of the universe. The universe’s frequency is like a song that never stops and never stops changing, and the cells want to stay in tune with that frequency.

When they process the information,  when it passes through them, they take on the current or frequency of the moment.  That is how to remain  in the present.   Light into cells. New frequency.  Light into cells, new frequency.

What does “new” mean in this context?  

New, as in never before, because everything develops in a spiral, a never ending evolution, so nothing ever repeats or is ever the same.

History looks in some sense similar–but only if you are looking at it analytically, from the outside.  From the inside, the miracle of constant evolution is profound, and though it might occur on a micro-micro-micro level, nevertheless, it is change.  It is impossible to turn back.  The thrust is always forward.

Forward.  The laws of nature push forward.  Forward in time, forward in understanding. Forward in spiritual evolution. Everything is programmed to spin forward.

What does holy mean?

Holiness is an oscillating frequency that seems very, very fast but still resonates with infinite other frequencies simultaneously .  Holiness is a dynamic resonance between many levels, and many vibrational frequencies.  The frequency of holiness affects many planes of existence.  It touches everything at once.

The Torah is holy.  Each letter, as you might suspect, is a window into another world.   The letters look flat and one dimensional, ink and parchment, but the shape of  each letter creates a wormhole to another dimension. The Torah is the map,  a treasure map.  The Jews were chosen to carry the scroll forward through time, and history has been shaped to insure that they  successfully carried it to the future, with the Torah exactly intact. The Jews were designed for this task, that is why they are the chosen people.  They were capable of handling that covenant and fulfilling it through successive generations.  Most people have forgotten the original spiritual covenant and plan, which was to preserve the physical scroll until one could explore its next dimensions in harmony with the spirit and frequency of the new era.  This is the new era.

One could not live through Kabbalah correctly a couple thousand years ago, because the time did not resonate with it.  

One could open the window-letter, and look in, and even see the structures that make up this world.  But no-one could integrate the structures into the joys of everyday life.   Early Kabbalists were ascetics and loners. They were reclusive.  They could see, but could not live with what they saw.

Now we can integrate all physical things into the spiritual.  That is the blessing of our time.  We have created the opportunity for joy through integration of spirit and material.

Stem Cell Image Creative Commons

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