Healing and Spiritual Evolution: Continuous Creation

Posted on July 5, 2013

Received on January 31, 2012

The concept of numbers extending infinitely is amusing. Because although they do, their extension is uni-dimensional. Numbers are an infinite extension of one system, one note.  But there are also an infinite number of systems, most of which are invisible to you.

Received February 1, 2012

What is the mechanism for living in the past rather than the present?

The liver is clogged with images imprinted on it from other lifetimes. ancient_new_portraitSnapshots of fear, of helplessness nest in the liver and remain there.  It is possible to clear your liver, so you can live fully in the present.

Try this:  intuitively find resonance in the part in the new core that corresponds to a block in the liver.  There is a neural-like string that connects one to the other, but the roots are actually in the core, even though the manifestation is in the liver. In fact, the roots of everything you are is in the core.

Heal the core, and every other cell will subsequently heal.  Every cell. every molecule is suspended in reality by  core intentions.  Nothing has a physical life of its own, disconnected from some sustaining roots.  There are many dimensions in  cells, and the healing has to pass through all of them.   The process takes time — there should be no expectation that it is instant.  Moreover, engaging in this process is the exact purpose of human life.  It is designed to stretch over the course of a lifetime.

Are individual humans the only beings engaged in the process of spiritual evolution?

Countries have a purpose–you are born in a particular country to create a resonance with the parts of you that need your attention.

The country you live in, its culture, the way it reacts with you kind of turns your inner system into braille–a raised surface that you can “read”–or see.  And heal.  The rest of you, all that is not activated by your current culture, relationships, and surroundings,  lies under the surface in that lifetime.

If you learn to speak from, heal from and make choices from your core,  rather than your heart or your mind,  you will have fulfilled your purpose.

Received February 2, 2012

Can you describe how this writing process I am engaged in works?

Most core knowledge  by-passes the brain.  It flows in and out of the soul and the cells, like air, in and out, in and out. Breathing with intention and awareness makes a difference because it synchronizes in and out, physical and spiritual rhythms.


You are receiving knowledge of things you have not learned or read about in this world.  It is pure knowledge, magnetically pulled here by your core.

Rarified, esoteric knowledge that enters this world through you does so because it is attracted to and summoned by  your core and its purpose.  It is drawn to your core’s intention.

Knowledge in-flowing  without intention or awareness can reach a destination, but it has to pass through filters,  though the blocks and screens which distort it.

Knowledge is called forth by the cells of the soul–by the soul’s inner structural members.  Opposite forces attract.  When  the soul incorporates new knowledge, the spiritual-material world expands and the co-creation project continues.

Creation continues when new knowledge–or spiritual range– is actively expanded in the course of earth living.

Portrait Image Creative Commons

Earth Image Creative Commons

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