A Ladder From Spiritual to Physical

Posted on June 29, 2013

Received on January 30, 2012

What are swings in anxiety?

The anxiety emotion is an indication that one is out of spiritual balance.   Anxiety emotions are controlled by the mind, so when the mind runs too far from center, the emotions necessarily follow.  Center, for the mind, is an even stance of unshakable faith that all experience unfolds according to need and to plan.  It is a stance that would not activate the vicissitudes of overwhelming anxiety.

Are certain animals more spiritual than others?

Spiritual is a misnomer.  Everything has a frequency it emits or transmits,  animate and inanimate objects alike.

You use the word spiritual but what it refers to is “in keeping with the natural frequency”.   When humans are aware of this frequency, they call it spiritual, or a spiritual experience.  In fact, spiritual matter is oscillating and unwinding non-stop, never ending.  It is being aware of this movement that makes the experience seem spiritual.

We have nothing to say about specific animals at this time. 

The Spiritual Aspect of Physical Objects and Spaces 

There are certain physical places and activities that have dynamic resonance with a corollary “source point” on the plane of the spirit.


The abstract concepts embedded in spiritual “source points” can step down like an unfolding ladder into the human plane. Through accurate activation, the “source point” concepts become progressively more manifest physically. For example, the proportions of certain mikvahs filled with spring and rain water are in perfect balance with specific spiritual “source points”.

When “source points” are activated by accurate human use (aligned intention, exact words, at the right time) the ladder between planes is complete, and knowledge flows down and up with ease.

It is with this mix of tools that humans help heaven migrate to earth, to fortify the relationship between physical and spiritual.

Physical space, with its dynamic resonance, is like an instrument.  When a human “plays it”, or uses it with the awareness of an aligned intention, the “music” of spiritual progress and evolution comes forth.

As an architect, it would be helpful if you could use those proportions and invigorate those resonances.  But that is in the future.

If I were able to talk to people while tapped into this stream of knowledge, what would the result be?

If they receive what we say,  without thinking about it, but by accepting the colors and concepts whole, that would be transparent communication.  Someday, that will happen.

You have carried this knowledge forever.  You will still carry it and you are about to gain a new dimension to the knowledge, by seeing its practical application as upcoming events unfold.  It was to for this exact experience of how to apply abstract knowledge  practically that you chose to be born at this time.

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