The Pivot Point

Received June 13, 2013

Share your transcription of these conversations, make them public, one by one, in the order they occurred.

What is a name for the writings, do you have a title?

Forty Waters

Do you want to be identified?

Not yet.

Received  July 31, 2013

We will start now where we stopped last time: what you call god is you, you yourself.  Your own more esoteric and abstracted dimensions are called god.


Activate the Hebrew letters — they can heal you and you can heal yourself with them. Their generating power is in the central core of all that is. Meditate, and with intentional imaging, place the letter Hey (for example) in the center of the sternum. Place a Bet at the top of each shoulder. Place an Aleph on the third eye. Place a Lamed at the base of the spine. Place the letters as they arise in you. Accompany each letter placement with a vocal tone that matches the combination frequency.

Timeless and temporal meet at the Foundation Stone.  Yud carries the quality of expansion.  The holographically compacted wisdom at the Foundation Stone is just starting to unwind.

The glare and power of the new emanating light will be overwhelming for many souls to encounter. They will melt into it.  Mishalem.  Mem Shin Lamed Mem.

Mishalem.  That is what to call this source place, where some collapse and all then rise up. Forty dimensions of wholeness.  Mishalem.

Received September 5, 2013/  Rosh Hashana 5774

The force of this New Year spiral is exponentially more powerful than last year’s, which means that living will be more extreme and require more endurance this year.

At the new year, we recall the lasting gift from the Abraham Collaborative. They introduced the breakthrough ability to listen for invisible guidance. They demonstrated how to use an energy spiral in time. They downloaded the concept of how to work with a communicating, invisible unified god and modeled how action partners with abstraction.

The Abraham Collaborative set forth the blueprint for spiritual expansion, part of which requires attuning the physical self to the spiritual texture of a new year.

As people age, their cells generally hold less and less light.  The fountain of youth is the ability to absorb increasingly more light as you grow older. In each spiritual new year, seek more light and integrate it into your cells, into your being.

How will these words reach people who do not relate to this vocabulary?

Learn from within.

People who do not understand our language, hear this:  listen to what is not being said, learn what is not being taught, and know best what you have never learned.

Israel, the people and the land, are covered in a thick crust of automatic knowing and frozen history which will soon crack.  Israel is filled with caretakers who do not understand, do not sustain, and in fact obstruct what they are guarding. This crust will crack.

Sages saw this time, but they did not know how to guide people in it. The instructions would have been too complex: There will come a time when you should stop the very sustaining rituals we are developing now. These rituals are necessary to bring you to a pivot point, where these same rituals then will block you rather than lead you.


The Ari saw this time and lived in it in his meditation. He set the path you are now exploring, He created the space for it, a space that has remained intact.

The Ari built a metaphysical succah made of Hebrew letters, and he sent this hut forward.  The Ari prayer compositions have buried within them combinations of letters that sustain the hut and a metaphorical meadow around it.  When these phrases are said, the hut is reiterated, strengthened.  Few others have discovered this place, or added to it. The succah of the new will be standing, open and ready, when the crust cracks.

If you know how, enter it now, through the letter Shin.

Choose Life.

Image: Light Path Creative Commons
Image: Abandoned Tracks Creative Commons

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