On Being and Becoming, At The Same Time

Posted on December 7, 2013

Received on July 7, 2012

Do spoken words have more influence than silent intentions?

The  purpose of words is to download spirit into this world.  Sprit follows thought and speech into your system, and through this process, you expand your system.  Heightened awareness is the state of consciousness where spirit is thinking and speaking through you.  Coming to awareness with the help of worded concepts is connected to speech, to the purpose of speech.  Speech was enabled in humans to bring additional aspects to creation that silent, pre or post verbal intention alone cannot manifest.  (And god “said” let there be…).  Speech, now, in prayer and amongst people, is mostly devoid of its formative intention.

Moses could not speak well.  If he had spoken clearly, the bridge between worlds that he was would have been impossibly attenuated.  Speaking clearly would have lowered his prophetic reach. By disengaging from that capacity, he was able to channel higher aspects of energy and knowledge to earth.

Received July 19, 2012

What is “new” spiritual capacity?

light_refraction_filagreeEverything that exists is spirit, and is made of light of different opacities.  Human life occurs in the interplay between select frequencies of light, between thick and thin light.  Every human is made from a uniquely structured core, where the spirit resides.  Human life is sustained as the light generated by choice and experience passes through this core and back out into the larger system.  In this process, both the core and the light transform one another.  At the same time, we are being and becoming. Individual cores and the collective core evolve as they process different kinds of light over time.

The combination of all human cores, together, make up the collective subconscious.  In accordance with the fractal analogy described earlier, understand that the collective subconscious is also a core, with light passing though it.  Your core is individual, to you, and at the same time, an aspect of the collective core.   In this sense, your core is shared with the rest of this world.

When examining all the cores that make up the collective, there are commonalities and differences of course, but most interesting is that amongst them, there are a finite number of characteristics.  However vast the variations are, the collective core’s characteristics are still finite.  They are circumscribed by the nature and character of this world.  Unimagined light, which carries infinite possibilities, exists beyond this world.

dew_spiderwebThe structure of the core — think of it as a lens — shapes the character of the light that passes out from it.  Recently, the collective core developed the capacity for new angles of refraction. The result:  an expanded capacity for this world was recently born.  This is how the new is created.

The new nature of the core light comes from development of the collective subconscious, and the needs of the universe at this time.  What is infinite is the amount of light that can pass through each core. How much is processed is up to us–we are designed to metabolize light.  Individual choice determines the outcome.

Received  July 21, 2012

Holding awareness of spirit is the point of every moment.  If you can hold awareness of your self as a spiritual being in a physical container while you go through the range of experiences, emotions, and activities in a day, you are in harmony with the human experiment.

What are some ways to improve awareness?

What you eat makes a difference.  Eating meat is no longer in harmony with creation or human life.  One of the most destructive things a person can do to his soul is to eat meat in these days.  The added blood of the animal passing through the digestive system makes it impossible for the soul to stay connected to the human body.  The vibrational frequency of the spiritual energy current now active cannot inhabit a physical being vibrating at the frequency of an animal. It is mechanically impossible.

Where you live makes a difference.  There are certain areas on earth that have more capacity to nurture the soul than others. The ratio of nurturing to inhospitable–in that sense– is about 1 in 5. It is surprising how so many modern people live in places that give little or no spiritual feedback.

What you are called makes a difference.  The ideal name for a person is one which activates both core and the spirals around it, so that when the name is said, the essence of the person is set in motion.  The spoken name reminds the system who it is.  When core letters repeat as spiral letters, a being shifts to a more spiritual plane.

Meditating with the letter Yud makes a difference.  Yud cannot sustain any relational energy on its own. It is like a loose electron, it needs to immediately combine. It is a dimensional booster, and brings exponentially greater capacity to almost any other letter, but on its own, it can barely touch this creation.  Yud was the most difficult to shape, so that it could be included in the DNA of creation.

What can you say about the many deaths commonly predicted during this next period?

Spiritual energy will become more consolidated. It needs more unity to reach into the next level. Main souls are those with a broad enough foundation to hold the many fragments which will be attaching themselves in this next period of spiritual evolution.  The individual deaths which occur are not important–what is important is the spiritual progression, the advancement of light.

What is an enlightened attitude towards death?

Life is actually a round — life-death.
Death is the second cycle of life.  It is a processing period for the spirit.

Life and death are two halves of a full cycle, that then spirals to another round.
The cycle begins, each time, with life.

Why do people die who are spiritually attuned and accomplished?

As the collective subconscious changes, and the needs of the world change, the soul-body configuration has to change to reflect these the new needs.  The spirit needs a new purpose for a new time.

Why do we love people, to the extent that we are heartbroken when they die?

Humans don’t understand that, spiritually, there are no others. It is a paradox. The illusion of love for others has has grown too great. It is unnatural. In fact, people are mirrors; they show us what is missing from us and where our wholeness is.  When we use each other as our mirrors, as Adam and Eve did, love has a different character.

Refracted Light Creative Commons
Dew On Spiderweb Creative Commons

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