The Horizontal Nature of Purim

Posted on September 7, 2013

Received on March 7, 2012

What is the nature of Purim?

In general, Judaism’s structure inhabits up and down relationships and reiterates vertical vectors.  Purim opens energy vectors that originate from the sides.  It is, spiritually, a different directioned day.  There are other times during the year that have some horizontal characteristics, but this one is most completely horizontal. When activated, horizontal vectors can initiate a great rotation — shifting our stance and introducing new angles and perspectives on existing known, vertically oriented, models and patterns.


The Megilla of Esther tells the story of a shift in consciousness which enabled the Jews to return to Jerusalem. The horizontal vectors which were opened on Purim enabled this reorientation.  The essence of Jerusalem is always evolving. The Jews needed to undergo an inner transformation, to reacquire resonant synergy with the core of Jerusalem.

Do not be afraid of full annihilation.  It is impossible for main souls to be destroyed at this point.  The structural components of main souls are too sturdy and fully integrated into this world.  Main souls cannot disappear, just like the Torah cannot.  They are both locked in.  Multitudes of choices, which will be made over the next years, will determine the outcome of most people and their myriad soul fragments.  All choices however point toward the future, toward exponential expansion of spirit.

Saying the Shema  is effective; the letters and words reify your entire system.  They methodically scatter throughout the system and give it more cohesion, solidity, and identity.

Received March 8, 2012

Has the concept of “love” evolved?

Ahava, defined as simply “love” in Hebrew, actually means “limitless possibilities while feeling connected to the source of yourself”.

It does not actually refer to loving another person.

From the perspective of the soul, there are no other people.  Other people reflect you, back to yourself. This is not narcissism, because what is reflected back to you is what you are missing, not what you are. In other words, what you love in another connects you to the far reaches of your very own latent potential.

Misunderstandings in a soul-mate relationship show you where your own vessels are inadequate to express their own light.

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